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Students and research scholars who are in the initial stage of their career often look for sources where they can publish their research work for free.

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The main motive of writing a research paper, article is to inform others in the field about their research findings or outcomes and provide a set of work to do further research. This blog contains the best free online journals and how to find the best free online journals to publish research papers and articles. Apart from this, one would be able to find a free e journal as per their research areas at the end of the article so stay tuned.

At present there are plenty of websites, platforms available which provide information regarding journals which provide information about free e journals or free journal websites but most of them do not come from reliable sources which stimulate a sense of doubt among scholars, mainly in students who are new to the research field. They are often stuck in a dilemma whether the journal they have chosen is real or not. 

How to identify best free online journals for research publication

Journals play an important role in spreading awareness about the research. Authenticity and reliability of the journal is also another crucial part which makes authors work more trustworthy to cite.

Check journals issn - Students and other academic individuals should check the authenticity of the journal before publishing their research work. As there are many predatory websites that target innocent individuals, it would be better if one is aware of some basic things that ensure journal validity and Issn is one of them. 

Check the research domain - Publishing research work in a relevant journal is as important as writing one because it not only ensures ones research to the relevant audience but also finds opportunities to advance their career growth. So individuals who are looking for a free digital journal should check the journals research domain first before going further.

Previously published work - Scholars should go through the previously published work of the esteem journal. It will give them a thorough idea about the type of publication, format, research domain etc. by checking previously published work one can determine the quality as well as scope of research work in that particular journal.

Check DOI - Digital object identifier or DOI provides an unique identification to the online/ digitally published articles, documents, papers. Which helps authors to gain acknowledgement of their work simultaneously. One should check whether the journal is providing doi for the published research work or not. If yes, then it would be beneficial for the authors to get a unique identification for their research work.

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