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How apply for journal indexing

Many scholars and publisher’s want their research to be accessible and known widely in their fields. They are always looking for platforms that will make their research published and available to more people so that they will get more citations for their research paper or journal. For an academic Getting citation is more important than anything else because it makes their journal credible and reliable.  So one should index their journal on as many platforms as possible so that they have a large audience to reach. For that they need indexing platforms  which index journals and research papers in their related fields.

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There are many databases and journals available which are affiliated to the indexing platforms so that users can have good indexing for their research papers.

Indexing platforms have wider reach as compared to journals or databases they tie up with universities, colleges, academic institutes, reviewer, editor, publishers and others so that one can have better options to get recognized.

ABCD Index platform is one of the reputed and well known platforms which accepts and indexes journals related to the various fields like science, arts, engineering, technology, Artificial intelligence, social science, computer science, mathematics, physics, humanities, medicine, chemistry, data science, nursing etc.

On the ABCD Index platform one can get the list of conferences related to their field so that they can be aware of the upcoming conferences in their country or state. It also provides a list of international conferences going to be held in the near future. Apart from that one can also add and submit conferences of their own and have a greater and larger audience related to one’s field.

ABCD Index platform provides an easy user interface to their users so that one can have good experience in their journal  indexing. Publishers, editors, journals, database companies and others can Apply for Indexing journals on the ABCD Index platform. One has to follow some simple steps to apply for journal index on ABCD Index platform, they are as following below :

Step 1 – Firstly search in browser or click on the given link  it will lead to the home page of ABCD Index.

Step 2 – On the top of the window there are some menus on the top of the window, go to the fourth menu from the left called ‘PUBLISHER’ and click on it so the dropdown list will be visible on your screen.

 select and click on the  login or signup option from the drop down list. By clicking on login/ signup you will lead to the login page of publishers.

Step 3 – fill the login details like email address and password then click on the login tab. If you are a new member then click on the ‘New member? Register’ and fill the registration form for Publishers, then click on the register.


 After doing so one will lead to the dashboard of the publisher’s page.

Step 4 - go to journal menu on dashboard then select and click on Add New journal from journals drop down list. A detailed form will popup on window screen,

Fill the necessary details then click on the submit button.

You have successfully applied for the journal index on ABCD Index Platform. Please wait patiently because it will take 10-15 working days for reviewing a journal. After reviewing, one will be notified by email or whatsapp if their journal gets approved and will be live on the ABCD Index platform.