Applied Sciences Impact Factor



Applied Sciences Impact Factor

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What is applied science ?

What is impact factor ?

Importance of impact factor

Various metrics to calculate impact factor



Applied science is a branch of science, where one uses or applies their scientific knowledge to developing new things, finding solutions and resolving issues that are affecting people directly or indirectly around the world. It is basically used by the researchers or scholars who are working in the field of medicine, technology, education, business, computing, data mining etc.

Impact factor

Impact factor is a metric or measurement method to identify credibility, reliability and importance of a journal in its field or domain. It provides the average number of citations a journal gets over a certain period of time by dividing it with the total number of publications done in the same year as citation’s.

Importance of impact factor

Impact factor plays an important part to find a journal's importance in its field. It works as indicators for journals to show its credibility and worthiness to academicians, scholars, researchers and other individuals who want to publish their work or wanna cite its articles or papers in their work.

How does impact factor calculated

There are various metrics available which are widely used by many indexing cities To calculate Impact factor of a journal. Several indexing sites use their own metrics for measuring impact factors of various journals.

It is calculated on the basis of total no of citations a journal gets for its published article yearly. For calculating the impact factor for the current year, one needs to use the citation from the last two years. So if a new journal wants an impact factor for itself then it needs to be at least 3 years old for measuring impact factor in their field or discipline.

Some indexing agencies calculate impact factors on the basis of 3 years or 4 years depending on their policies.

Some of the metrics that used for calculating impact factor are as follows :

Cite score factor




H index

Selecting the right journal for publication or taking it for reference is very important for scholars for making a successful career or advancement in it. Number of citations helps them to find authentic journals which were used and trusted by many people, scholars, researchers in their respective fields or disciplines.




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