Nowadays people from academic and research backgrounds often seek journals that are indexed by the renowned Indexing platforms like Scopus, web of science, ABCD Index etc. There are plenty of reasons that encourage people to search journals that are indexed in one of the top indexing platforms. Some of them are to get global recognition, various job opportunities, getting career advancement, promotion etc. Apart from that, many academic and research institutes that organize conferences prefer journals that are indexed in indices like Scopus. This blog will guide individuals who are looking for African Journals indexed in Scopus.

Find Research database Related to Your Field

As you know there are numerous websites available today that provide information regarding the journals at their pages but due to so much flow of this data the lack of authenticity can be seen.

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In this situation one can visit the ABCD Index platform. Where all the information provided at their portal is verified by multiple resources. It is an indexing portal. Where journals from different fields of research and academic areas are listed with other indices along with their ratings. One can find all the academic/ research related databases for their research at this portal.

Apart from that one can also find different types of resources related to ones research like instruments, labs, books, lectures, research database, conferences etc. at one place. The information provided at ABCD Index are verified at different level of inspection before shared at the portal which makes their information more authentic and credible compared to other platforms at the same time.

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How to find African Journals indexed Scopus

To find African journals indexed in Scopus one can use the following points:

  • Open the ABCD Index portal on your device.
  • Click on the search tab provided at the center of the ABCD Index homepage.
  • A default list of journals would be on the device screen.
  • Left side of the journal list some filters are given i.e. – country, indexing, ratings, free/ paid etc.
  • Put the country name in the box. For example Africa then moves to the next filter.

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Scopus Journal Search

  • If one is looking for free journals then they can select free from the Free/ Paid filter option. Otherwise it will show both types of journals by default. Then move to the next filter options.
  • The next filter option is Indexing. Now select Scopus Indexing from a variety of indexing (SSCI, Scopus, Web of Science, ABCD Index etc.) provided in the Indexing list.
  • If you want to search journals with their ratings then select any of the ratings from the given option. ABCD index generally provides four types of journal ratings A, B, C, and D; as per their performance.
  • Now click on the search button.

List of Scopus index African journals would be on screen. Select journals as per your interest. And find out more about it by clicking on the title of the journal.

Information is everywhere around us, one just need to identify which is more compatable to them. So individuals are free to use other sources as well.