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Scholars and researchers and others do research in the field of science,mathematics, physics, computer science,language & literature, engineering, AI, arts, social science and various other streams in which they wanted to contribute as an academician. For that they are always looking for the prior work or research done by scholars and other individuals in their particular field or subject. These previously published databases of journals and articles help scholars in a way that stimulates the courage in the readers to do research in the field and find new things to show the world how things can be done conveniently.

Databases are the collective form of data belonging to that particular field. In respect to academic journals databases it contains data related to academics fields like science, arts, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, earth science, engineering etc. where one can find the research paper or articles by using their name, authors name, subject, title, research field and other keywords related to that particular data.

In other words, databases are like search engines who give filtered information only related to the research paper, article or journals you are looking for. 

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Why is an academic journal database needed?

Researchers seeks academic journals databases for the following reasons :

Academic databases of different streams can help in finding a particular research paper or article whoever is looking for it. 

  • To get an overview of the research.
  • Looking for an area to research and to find how it's done.
  • To get an idea about how to write the research paper in an impactful manner.
  • To know what should be added and avoided while writing the research article and papers.
  • Get to know about the importance of the research that is going around.

If readers found the particular research will be helpful for them in their research they use it for reference.

From the above discussion one can relate to the necessity of the databases. There are many database companies that provide data in a particular field for example ; pubmed. It is a United States based database company that provides all types of scientific research, research papers and articles  and other published work in the field of medicine. Apart from that there are many other databases companies that provide data in multiple fields, for example; scopus. It is a well known database company which provides databases in the field of science, arts, social sciences, humanities etc.

Apart from that one can also look for another well recognized database company called ABCD index. It provides a multidisciplinary academic journal database. Whoever is looking for research papers, scientific researches, articles in the field of arts, language & literature , humanities, physics, applied science, computer science, medicine and other subjects or streams can visit ABCD Index platform.

Abcd index platform provides almost all kinds of academic journals. This platform provides free access to scholars, academicians, universities, research institutes all around the globe. Its community of reviewers, publishers, scholars made them available and in contact whenever they needed and made their publication in reach of a global audience.


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