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Academic and research individuals looking for a good journal list in their research field can rely on ABCD Index for getting a list of good indexing journals in their respective field. It is an indexing platform where one can get a list of journals in four categories A, B, C, and D depending on the quality of journals. ABCD journal list helps academic and research scholars in finding the appropriate journal as per their requirement. 

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Apart from this, if one is looking for a platform to publish their research work for free then submit a research paper or article in the RAMP. It is an ABCD Index portal where research papers/ articles get published in an ABCD Index listed international journal.

ABCD Journal list in the following domains:

List of Computer Science Journal at ABCD 

List of Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals Journal at ABCD 

List of Language & Literature Journal at ABCD 

List of Social Science Journal at ABCD 

ABCD index is a free to access platform. Scholars can find a list of journals, conferences, labs, and other research specific databases in almost all fields of research. 

Steps to use filters for finding list of ABCD Journals specifically:

One can use different types of filters offered by ABCD Index to find journals as per their preference. This segment defines steps to use filters at the ABCD Index platform.

Country filter - If one is looking for a region specific ABCD journal list then they can apply a country filter and get a list of good journals located in a particular country.

Free / Paid - One can also get a list of journals as per their modes i.e.- free / paid. To do so just select free or paid from the filter and click on the search button. A list of free/ paid journals would be on screen.

By following above steps one can have the updated list of journals as per their interests.


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