Academic and research sector contributes to building a strong foundation of any nation. Academicians and researchers do their job with full dedication and determination even in challenging situations. But they didn’t get that much recognition for their hard work over the time.

We just want to throw light on the work, contribution, and services they provide for the nation while balancing their personal life. So ABCD Index initiated “ABCD WaLL”. Where we feature the life journey of academicians/researchers and highlight their contributions around the globe.

We are happy to invite you to share your journey at ABCD Wall. It is a weekly program of ABCD Index. In this program, we share the Journey of research / academic personalities through videos (interview/ Biography). That includes information on Birth, Education, Career, Achievements/ Awards, Family, Decisions, etc.

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This program will inspire the students and other scholars who are lacking motivation or seeking guidance in making a life decision for a successful career.

Recognition of such great personalities needs more platforms where people can learn from their decisions, inspire others and remember for centuries.

Advantages of featuring at ABCD WaLL

  • Get self satisfaction by helping youngsters through your life decisions.
  • Self realization – Individuals would introspect in their own life what they have done so far in their life, career and society. It will help in planning what they should do next.
  • Show gratitude – Through this video journey individuals can acknowledge the guidance, assistance, and other types of help they get to achieve their goals. Because sometimes we are not able to express the feeling of gratitude towards them, it is a good opportunity to do this.
  • ABCD Wall highlights the achievements and accomplishments of individuals through their video journey.
  • Individuals can showcase their work, expertise, skill, accomplishment, achievements, etc.
  • Many people will get to know their expertise in the field; this would help them in getting more opportunities.
  • Increase the reach globally.
  • Approached by other people in the community

Steps to get featured at ABCD Index Wall

  • Firstly you will get an invitation mail from the ABCD Index team.
  • In this mail you just have to affirm if you want to show your journey at the ABCD Index wall or not.
  • After your affirmation, the ABCD Index team will contact you for further details.
  • One will get a format for featuring at the ABCD Index wall.
  • Fill out the information asking in the format then revert it back to them.
  • ABCD index team will proceed with their work with the data they gather by the format.
  • At last the journey video would be published on the ABCD index YouTube channel.

If you are interested in sharing your journey on our platform, kindly visit our platform and drop a mail at “ABCD Wall Team” will contact you for further details.

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