ABCD Index Journal List 2022



International journal monitoring and appreciation did by indexing portals by listing selected journals. ABCD Index is an International Journal monitoring platform developed with a motive to recognize good journals and promote their publication to the right people. So ABCD Index Journal List 2022 is announce that cover journals of all research area like Science, Engineering, Art, Economics, Management, Medical, etc. Monitoring of journals done by means of automated programs, reviewer team, feedback of authors about the journal. This Indexing gives you complete detail about the journal like publisher name, Number of issues, Year of establishment, Indexing information, web address as only those journals are included in the index which has correct digital address, Apart from above basic information ABCD Index provide citation of the journal as well. This citation is real and based on the reader.


Some of the basic fundamental points are given to the scrutinized journals:

    1. Reviewer Team (Manual) monitors journal publications.
    2. Generate alarm for backdating publication if journal does such unethical activity.
    3. Watch for bulk or a frequent number of publication.
    4. Journal text reviews were analyzed as social images as per authors' feedback.
    5. Paid / Free publication
    6. Peer Review time for paper publication.
    7. Journal response time for visitor/ author queries.
    8. Journal other portal indexing
    9. Special issue publication (ABCD count it as backdoor publication medium to earn money)
    10. Conference publication
    11. Allowed research area and published content field of research.

This is to inform you that ABCD Index is an individual platform that has its own criteria to filter journals, it doesn’t mean that other indexing is low or high. Although transparency of author for publication in a good journal is more in ABCD portal. We categorize Journals in four categories A, B, C, and D. D category journals are low score journals and A has a high score. Although any journal switches from A towards D or D towards A category as per work. To get list just use the website search option and select indexing filter with the ABCD option. ABCD is continuously is highly dedicated to work for author, reviewers, publishers so correct information move in the world.