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Indexing of international journals was done by various agencies but one of the popular and review-based indexing was done by the ABCD Index portal. Hence publication in ABCD Index Approved Journals is on high demand of scholars, scientists, professors, etc. Many of universities categorize the courses/degree research level as per the indexing of the ABCD portal. Such as for Masters's Degree allocation universities pass the ordinance for publication in D category journals of ABCD Index. Similarly, for Doctorates they request to publish journals having C, B or A categories. As per the university level of scholars, they adopt the higher degree of journal category from D to A.

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ABCD Portal indexing is based on the reviewers review and journal content performance, so most of the reviewers take part in the ranking of the journals by submitting their experience when they publish their research content in the journal. These reviews help young scholars to identify good journals by using filters provided by ABCD. Open commenting about the journal help publisher as well to improve their journal performance and come to know what people are thinking about it.

So to get the desired list of journals belonging to A category just select Rating filter at the journal search option. Similarly, for B, C, and D. Lets, some list of journals are shown below:

Engineering: Field ABCD Index ‘A’ category Journals

Management: Field ABCD Index ‘A’ category Journals

 Science: Field ABCD Index ‘A’ category Journals

ART Field ABCD Index ‘A’ category Journals

Medical:  Field ABCD Index ‘A’ category Journals

Pharmacy:  Field ABCD Index ‘A’ category Journals

Apart from the above scholars can get any research domain journal by just typing the area in the search bar to get the desired list. ABCD Index was developed by the researcher, most of the indexing work is controlled by the reviewers. Portal continuously monitors the published content of journals with the help of reviewers and automatic tools. In order to increase the transfer or sharing of knowledge portal work continuously and watch the activities of publishers, reviewers, and comments.  

Some of the malicious activities done by people like fake indexing, publication, and websites are exposed by the ABCD portal. Such sites got a Predatory category on the site just to save scholars and warn publishers not to do unfair activities with the new researchers, and students.

ABCD Index team request researchers to join our reviewer community and become part of this big movement for improving the publication work around the globe.

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