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ISSN: 2049-1948
PISSN: 2049-1948
Year: 2014 (First Volume/Issue)
Issue: 6 (Yearly)
Publisher: WILEY, 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN, USA, NJ, 07030-5774
Area: Environmental Sciences | Water Resources
Website: http://wires.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WiresJournal/wisId-WAT2.html
About: 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN, USA, NJ, 07030-5774. Paper Language: English
Rating: ABCD Index for this Journal is "B"

ABCD-Index : YES

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Dr Ab waheed wani Why is it not showing UGC listed
Zahoor ul haq Guide is not supporting how to proceed for publication, what should I do to get publish in this journal. I need to know time of review and fees if paid.
Mohamed Divan Masood Is it paid, if yes, how much
Dr.sinshupa Please list of prices, I am a publisher and looking for a new mediator
Tanuja Mahajan I want to be a reviewer for Plos one. Please can you help me?
Hafidh When will the articles be received in the magazine
Madhura Is this journal is peer review? How long it take to review a article
DR. ABHISHEK SHARMA Is publication in this journal for scopus is valid ? Please provide one answer as one of my student has publish paper in this journal.
Dr.Dilip R I m no able to find the publicatin process of the journal, specially charges.

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