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ISSN: 2157-846X
PISSN: 2157-846X
Area: Engineering, Biomedical
Website: https://link.springer.com/search?facet-content-type=Journal&query=2157-846X
About: MACMILLAN BUILDING, 4 CRINAN ST, LONDON, ENGLAND, N1 9XW. Paper Language: English open access:NO
Rating: ABCD Index for this Journal is "A"

ABCD-Index : YES

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Ngawang Zepa How to increase citation count of my paper as this journal presence / access is low.
Dr. O. C. Aloysius How to increase citation count of my paper as this journal presence / access is low.
Dr.Bambang Widjanarko Susilo,S.Kom.,S.Ak..,AK.,M.M.,,M.Ak My paper was reject due to poor english, please help to what should I do. Is there any chance that journal will update my content or do they provide such service as other big journals do.
Temeselew Woldetsadik Is publication in this journal for scopus is valid ? Please provide one answer as one of my student has publish paper in this journal.
A DURGAPRASAD Hello I want to arrange an international conference its an urgent need to publish selected research papers in your journal please convey me as early as possible regarding the said issue.
Yogeshkumar Patel Need publication review time information
Josias Naidoo May individual paper is accept by this journal as I have no co authors and not associated from college or university. I m looking for publication to create my research profile.
Dr.Surendra Kumar Shrivastava What is publication charge and how much tyme it will take
Dr.Hari Krishna Behera I want to conduct a conference for my department, looking for journal like this. I want to know how to approach for these journals for proceeding publication.
Mengistu mena Thanks for kind information may I know charges of journal as well.
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