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ISSN: 1471-3802
PISSN: 1471-3802
Year: 2001 (First Volume/Issue)
Issue: 3 (Yearly)
Publisher: WILEY, 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN, USA, NJ, 07030-5774
Area: Education, Special
Website: http://ca.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-JRS3.html
About: Address:111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN, USA, NJ, 07030-5774Journal open access:NO, Scopus Indexing Duration: years:from 2007 to 2021
Rating: ABCD Index for this Journal is "A"

ABCD-Index : YES

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Sanjit Biswas I am from poor country not have enough money to publish content in open acces, can you provide some journal like above research area at free of cost.
Amin Ali Almubark I am interested to publish in this journal. Kindly request you to inform me when your next volume gets published.Thank you.
Dr. Leena bagadia Pls confirm if this article is on SCOPUS
Dr Hala Abu-EL-Naga Hossein How much rate for publication?
SHIKHA JAISWAL Read about section of this page it clearly brief.
Deepti Seth I would like to publish in this reputed journal .How many days it will take to publish
Santosh Kumar Badampudi Thanks for kind information may I know charges of journal as well.
Osias Kit T. Kilag Is this journal publication is accept by my college.
Dadang Mas Bakar How to increase the citation of this journal paper. People are not able to cite my paper due to low indexing.
Wondim I want to purchase a subcribtion of journal like this but not able to find such as college very limited funds for this. How should I get some free sample or low cost subcriptions.
Anushree Shukla Is that possible to get publication of my article in this journal in less time.
Md Safikul Islam I want some publisher who can publish book chapter of my universities scholars, faculties. Many of them have complete their work, but able to select one that can publish it.

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