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ISSN: 1467-8411
PISSN: 0818-9935
Publisher: WILEY
Area: Economics
Website: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14678411
About: Address:111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN, USA, NJ, 07030-5774Journal Language:English open access:NO Medium:Online, Scopus Indexing Duration: years:from 1987 to 2021
Rating: ABCD Index for this Journal is "A"

ABCD-Index : YES

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Chayot gatdet Is publication in this journal for scopus is valid ? Please provide one answer as one of my student has publish paper in this journal.
Shanika Mudannayake I got rejection from this journal, what should I do now. I am not able to understand the rejection reason. They have not mention any relevant content to my paper.
Bilal Abdualgalil Nice journal for publication, scholar can submit paper to get faster response form the reviewers.
Nawel Sayad I submit my paper in this journal but reviewer has not read the paper and reject it. There comments are also general, not related to any of my paper content. Now what should I do.
Dr. Janki Patel I want to publish my article what is the process and cost?
Mohammad Masiuzzamanan I want scopus publication help
Takele Teshome I want some publisher who can publish book chapter of my universities scholars, faculties. Many of them have complete their work, but able to select one that can publish it.

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